How to create profile in Firefox

I'm developing plugin for Firefox and since I don't want to mess up all my old stuff I would like to create new profile where I can try it and debug. Is it possible? tia
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Profile manager of firefox

If you want to add new profile, you have to start firefox from command line (cmd) with option -ProfileManager. It will open a dialog box for you where you can manage your firefox profiles.
If you don't want to start firefox from command line every time, when you need to be loaded to some other than default profile, you need to create a batch file (with .bat suffix).
You can do that for example in notepad. In this file you have to add the following line:
START "" "%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P "yourNewProfile"

  • Mozilla Firefox - is directory where your Firefox is installed
  • yourNewProfile - is profile you want to be loaded

When you open this file now (e.g. with double click), firefox will be opened and your profile loaded.