Which semantic web technology tools are preferred/best for ontology development and reasoning?

How do we choose ontology editors and reasoners to develop ontologies for the semantic web? To date, there are a certain number of ontology editors and reasoners available but which ones to use is still a question to be addressed. Choosing the best from the available tools facilitates work and also enhances efficiency.
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Ontology tools

You can use SWOOP also.

Using WSMT

Yes, Protege is the most widespread tool, I guess, but I personally do not like it, at least you should find the version you like most, because in its case the last doens't mean the best.While I was working at STI, I was using their ontology modelling tool - WSMT. It is open-source, http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/wsmt  

It allows to model in several ontology languages(WSML, OWL) and use several reasoners. Moreover, it allows to visualize the ontology. With Protege it was a bit difficult. Here is nore information about WSMT and some tutorials: http://wiki.sti2.at/index.php?title=WSMT_Tutorials



One (if not the first ) tool to give a try is Protégé http://protege.stanford.edu/
with quite some history (implying a certain maturity level) and authored by knowledgable folks at stanford university.
It is free, open source, in java, supports various representation formats (like frames, OWL, RDF). it provides means for extensibility, which is alredy used by quite a few plugins (eg for visualizing, reasoning).