Using "make" in Win7

In the lecture called "Digital Forensics" we had to use a tool called truecrack to crack a Truecrypt container. The problem was that there is no executable file avaiable to install this program, you have to compile it by your own. But in Windows it is not possible to execute such Makefiles without installing additional programs.
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Integrating the command "make" via external programs

It is possible to add several commands via cygwin[1] or MinGW[2] into the windows commandline.
But this often doesn't work very well, since a few programs need additional files for compiling (like truecrack) which aren't included in MinGW or cygwin.

Nevertheless if you wan't to use the command "make" in Win7 you have to follow these 3 steps:

1) Download MinGW[2]
2) Install it and select besides the different compilers MSYS during the installation
3) After you have installed MinGW, add the path to the bin directory of your MinGW installation to the PATH environment variable. (or do it manually for testing, since changes on these variables need a restart to take place -> set PATH=C:\MinGW\bin;%PATH%)
4) Type "copy c:\MinGW\bin\mingw32-make.exe c:\MinGW\bin\make.exe" into your commandline
5) enjoy "make" ;)



Installing Linux to compile and run such programs

One solution was to download a linux distribution, install it besides Win7 and then use the commands as recommended in the shell of this linux distribution.
That solution worked like a charm, the only "drawback" of that solution were the 6gb additional storage needed for installing the linux distribution.