Data transfer: Android-Phone & OS

It can happen almost anywhere, you want to transfer something from a computer to your phone or vice versa. You have your phone and also an USB-cable but you’re not at your PC where all drivers are installed you are on the go (maybe university or at a friend?). Maybe you are not even able to install drivers as you don’t have the necessary rights on the system? How can you connect your phones memory to an unknown PC that supports USB-Sticks?
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SSHDroid, AirDroid

As Google decided to remove USB mass storage support from recent android-versions (starting with version 4.0 - "Ice Cream sandwich") the phone can only be connected via PTP or MTP support. AFAIK this works quite well with Windows and Mac but unfortunately not very well with Linux.
There are however other methods to connect the phone. Two of them I used are:

Both can be obtained from the Google App Store.
SSHDroid sets up an SSH-Server on the Android phone. File transfer can be done via every ssh-able client (command line, explorer, nautilus...).
AirDroid is far more advanced. It sets up a Web server on the Android phone and lets you connect via a standard Web browser to the Android phone. Besides transfer of video, audio or picture files it allows access to standard moblie phone functionalities, like SMS writing (or reading) or camera.
For detailed descriptions of how to set up the tools please refer to the links.


Use Phone as USB-Memory/Stick trough USB Cable

• Having a Computer that supports USB-Sticks (auto mounts it)
• Android-Phone (version Android 2.3 "Gingerbread")

1. If USB-Cable is connected disconnect it from the devices
2. Enter into Phones -> Settings
3. Under Topic “Wireless and networks” is an entry “More ...” Click it
4. Click on “USB utilities”
5. “Connect storage to PC”
6. Now connect the USB cable to the Phone and to the USB connector of the PC
7. USB drive should appear on your pc! ;)

Helpful sites :
Under the assumption “A video says more than 1000 words”: