How can I run Wordpress on Heroku?

A friend recommend running my Wordpress sites at Heroku, a few months ago. So what steps do I have to talk to make this happen?
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This way you can setup a Wordpress installation at Heroku

Follow these steps:

  • At first you have to clone a project from a GitHub Repo
    >> git clone git:// your_app_name
  • Then you can create your app
    >> cd your_app_name
    >> heroku create your_app_name
  • Now you should create a database
    >> heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev
  • In the root folder of your app exists a file called wp-config-sample.php rename it to wp-config.php
    In this file you will find a few lines like define('AUTH_KEY',...) and so on.
    Replace this lines by some random generated lines from here:
  • Thats basically it. Have fun using Wordpress on Heroku.
    For further information of how to go on and get Wordpress running take a look here:

[I really had this problem a few months ago and solved it this way]