Avoid re-login to eduroam for Linux-machines

As other Linux-users I experience the problem, that I have to re-connect to the eduroam Wireless network every time I restart the laptop or even after waking it up from hibernate or sleep state. In that case I have to re-enter the password although it is set to be already stored along with the other settings for the eduroam connection. While this is not a serious problem it is still cumbersome. My laptop-settings are to go to sleep-mode automatically when the lid is closed to save battery power, so even during one course there might be the necessity to re-authenticate several times. What settings are needed to overcome this problem?
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CA Certificate

For Linux machines it is necessary to set the correct CA certificate as well. The installed certificates are stored at /etc/cert.
As many users are Using Ubuntu I give step-by-step instructions for this distribution. For other distros the steps are similar.

  • Open the Network Connection Settings-dialogue either via "System Settings" or via the Network-Icon on the menu bar on top of the screen
  • Select your eduroam-connection from the list of connections and choose "Edit"
  • Choose the "Wi-Fi Security"-tab.
  • Have a look at the "CA certificate"-settings. The certificate Deutsche_Telekom_Root_CA_2.pem has to be set. This can be done by just klicking on the button right of the label "CA certificate". The machine shall search in the right folder automatically. If not, choose /etc/cert

The attached picture shows the correctly filled in Settings dialogue.