Automated tagging of newly created content on a Drupal platform

When you ask several people which tags they would use for a given text you might get several different opinions and also several very similar keywords. To avoid that and to ensure the sensible and consistent tagging of content an automated solution could be helpful. In addition it would also provide tags in the case that a user doesn't want to specify them.
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Usage of the Open Calais Web Service

A system that allows automated tagging is the Thomson Reuters' Calais web service (
A module that allows the usage of this service in a Drupal environment is called "OpenCalais". The OpenCalais module can automatically send the unstructured text data entered during the creation of a Drupal node to the web service. There the data is processed using various text mining- resp. natural language processing techniques and the results are presented to the users in form of various tags, divided into several categories, which the system identified as relevant for the topic of the text.

A tutorial on how the OpenCalais module might be integrated into a Drupal platform can be found at: