Building a mock-up for a testing session

The main idea was to create a fast prototype to obtain feedback from the customer. For the end user, the interface is the most important aspect since he is directly interacting with it. In this case the challenges were multiple: -choosing a mock-up builder that minimizes user awareness he is not dealing with a prototype -design and implement the mock-up - prepare and perform testing session
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solution Building a mock-up for a testing session

For the successful completion of this challenge I have:

- done a analysis of the context in which the software will be used, the constraints imposed by the customer(colors and log) and an analysis of the users.
The software was intended for an architectural office and was aimed at facilitating project management within the company. User profiles have been build in accordance with the types of users needed by the customer. User scenarios have been the next step and were used intensively for the development of the mock-up.

-done a analysis of the existing mock-up builders available and decided on Axure

-done a review of best practices for website designs

-build the mock-up

-perform task-based usability test
First documented on how to perform usability tests. Then build 7 tasks for each type of user and using Morae we were able to measure time and number of clicks required for each task in part