operating system not working properly

After receiving different input/output errors during the installation of different operating systems i would like to check if the hardware works properly.
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BIOS Memory Test

Many PCs and Notebooks provide built-in memory test software.

  • turn on your computer (turn it off, before if it's on)
  • within the first seconds (start boot screen) press the Diagnostic/Setup key - ESC or F1-F12 - consult the manual if you can't find on-screen hint
  • e.g. on devices form Hewlett Packard you can press ESC an then select "Diagnostic" from the Menu.
  • optinal you can select different test runs - "Memory" or "Startup test" should be sufficient. Some tests can last for hours "burn-in tests"
  • replace your RAM or consult your manufacturers manual if you get error messages
  • if you get no errors: check other hardware e.g. hard disk


Check memory

- boot from live CD or USB. Press and hold any key while your computer is booting.
- Press 'F6', a language menu will pop up. You will then be presented with the option menu.
- If you select Test Memory you will be presented with another menu that will allow you to select which test(s) you want to run.