Using PowerLan to get access to the router (and the internet)

Imagine a flat where the router is located in the living room. Now you want to get access to the internet from the office room with your notebook via your router. But: <ul> <li>the office room is several meters and 2 rooms away</li> <li>the wlan signal can't get through the walls and </li> <li>you can't put an ethernet cable from the router all the way through your flat to the office room</li> </ul> How can you manage it to still get access to the internet via your router?
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Powerlan adapters

One possibility is the usage of powerlan. Several companies like TP-Link, AVM, Devolo, etc. offer so called powerlan adapters, that use the grid of the flat or the house to establish a network for data transmission.
Concerning the hardware you need:

  • one adapter for the router
  • one adapter for each room from where you want to get access
  • one lan cable for the router
  • one lan cable for each room from where you want to get access

To establish the network you hava to:

  • stick the first adapter in a socket near the router and connect the two devices with a lan cable
  • press a button on the adapter (something like "pair" or "secure" or "connect")
  • now the adapter, that sends the signal over the grid, is aware of the router and forwards the information
  • for every room you want to have access from also stick an adapter in a socket in that room, click the button and connect your device with a lan cable
  • important: the lan-card of the device you are using (netbook) needs to be configured so that it gains the ip adress dynamically

That's it. The connection over the grid is of course secured. It depens on the producer how many bits they are using for the key.
Concerning the phases in your grid: If you need to send the signal from one phase to another, don't worry, many producers offer adapters that can handle this situation (they are just a little bit more expensive).