DB structure

I am trying to structure a database for optimal use. But I have no idea how to make that happen. Here is what i will have A category which will have many products and a count for each one of those products For example Restaurants will be the category and the products will be the computer system, cash register and each one of these products has a count so maybe there will be 2 cash registers and 3 computer systems and so on. Another category might be a bar, which might or might not have the same products. Then the user has the option of choosing a 2 restaurant package which might have a discount rate for getting all the products. anyone knows how the DB structure should be ?!


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activating the virtualization option

first you have to know that the the host operation system for running the vmware and virtual box should has the 64bit structure! if you are sure of that but still has problem for running the cloudera there problem is from the bios settings of your operation system!
in order to solve this problem , before starting the operation system of your machine you have to enter to the bios settings of the OS and change the virtualization option to enabled! this feature is disabled in most of the operation systems!

sample DB structure


PRODUCT_ID (primary key)

CATEGORY_ID (primary key)

PRODUCT_ID (primary key, foreign key to PRODUCTS)
CATEGORY_ID (primary key, foreign key to CATEGORIES)
This will allow you to associate a product to more than one category, but not allow duplicates.