Getting access to TUWien E-library ,E-books ,Papers

we know that if we are at university and we want to access and read E-books , papers we can simply connect with the student account to the university network and use E-library which university provide for us.but it's tedious and not possible,every time i want to read a E-book or a paper i should come to university to have access.there is also time that university is closed because of national holidays but i want to continue reading.
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Using VPN to connect to TUWien network

Potential users are members of the TU Vienna, who have Internet Connectivity of any kind (but not with a TUNET IP address).
When using this service a TUNET IP address will be dynamically assigned to you. In cases where rights on Institute servers should be set on the basis of an IP address, employees (only!) may also be assigned a fixed address.For this service there are no additional costs involved. Employees can use their Network Account ( to gain admittance. Students can use their Student Account ( to gain admittance. Other Accounts ( can be requested via the Online Account Management.
and also with CISCO SSL VPN Client (AnyConnect) you can use VPN.Cisco Anyconnect is a VPN client based on SSL technology. The software can be installed directly from our VPN-Webportal. Available for Windows (32-Bit and 64-Bit), Linux, Mac OS X.