Work with RDF

RDF (Resource Description Framework) is a set of specifications, designed to provide metadata for your data model (general method of modelling information). RDF-Files are stored in a XML like syntax and are used to additional describe the data contained. There also exist an SQL-Query like query language which allows you to extract data from these files. However it would be nice to store these files into a database and easily update or read the data.
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Work with RDF - Solution Redland

The “Redland RDF Libraries” provide support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF). It provides basic functions as well as several bindings to different programming languages (for example: perl, python…). There are also packages for various Linux distributions and other operation systems available that make an installation quite easy (if all necessary additional libraries are already installed). However the Redland libraries provide the possibility to use BerkeleyDB or MYSQL as database storage as well as store the files temporary in the memory. These functions allow you to easily store, access, read or update your data via SPARQL (query language for RDF, similar to SQL) contained in the RDF files.