Installing SASS on Windows 7

Installing SASS on Windows 7. Use of the Command Prompt.
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SASS installation on Windows 7 using the Console

SASS is a CSS extension, which is used on the “development level”. It helps you write a code, which is later compiled in CSS.
Before going into more details about the installation, I would like to mention two things:
• The operating system that I`m using is Windows 7, so the steps that I performed in order to install SASS are based on that OS.
• For the installation itself I used the console (Command Prompt). Of course there exists some applications that may automate the process, but I choose to use the console since it is build in the Windows and the commands that I used are not so difficult. Those commands are actually the same for all operating systems.

Firstly you should open the console (or Command Prompt), which is located in Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. Another common used way, which I actually use is to press Windows Button + R, then a window opens, where you should type “cmd” and press Enter.

Installing Ruby

1) Since SASS is based on Ruby, the first thing you have to do is to install Ruby. If you already have Ruby on your machine you can directly go to the next step.

2) The easiest way to install Ruby is to go on the RubyInstaller webpage: and to download the corresponding version of Ruby.
Important: During the installation don`t forget to click “Add Ruby executables to your PATH”.

3) After the installation is complete you can check the Ruby version by typing “ruby –v” into the console, which will show the current version of Ruby.

Installing SASS

4) Type in the console “gem install sass”. This command will download and install the latest version of SASS. The installation should not take long time.

5) You can again check if the installation went well by typing “sass –v” in the console. If you get the version information, then you`ve successfully installed SASS.