PowerMock testing - set static field of class

I'm having difficulty finding a way to set a static field of a class. It's basically like this: <code> public class Foo{ // ... private static B b = null; } </code> where B is another class. Is there any way to do this in PowerMock other than with setInternalStateFromContext()? Using the context class method seems a bit of overkill for setting one field.
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Whitebox.setInternalState(Foo.class, b);

Works as long as you set a non-null value, and if theres only one field with the class of B. If you can't rely on that luxury, you have to provide the field-name and cast the null to the type you want to set. In that case you would need to write something like this:

Whitebox.setInternalState( Foo.class, "b", (B)null );