How to get games to work using Hamachi in Windows 8

Hamachi is a program to connect PCs through internet creating false LAN networks. This is used to play games that fave multiplayer mode only available on LAN. Using this program, it is possible to play this games online. But, the problem with it comes when trying to run it on Windows 8 for the first time, as it is very possible to get errors (cannot ping other people, cannot see other games, cannot connect with other playes or even the program not working at all). How can it be solved?
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Change Hamachi network settings

Before opening Hamachi for the first time: (If you already opened it, install and uninstall it again)
1. Right Click on Network icon.
2. Open the "Network and Sharing center resources".
3. Click on "Change adapter settings".
4. Press Alt key to show hidden menu and click Advanced -> Advanced Settings.
5. Select Hamachi from list and press upper arrow until Hamachi is on top. Then select TCP/IPv4 for Hamachi list.
7. Right click in Hamachi and Select Properties -> Advanced. Uncheck Automatic metric and set Interface metric to 1.

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