Can’t connect to Steam update server with T-Mobile Huawei B593

Some time ago T-Mobile changed some settings on their mobile network infrastructure. Since then the connection to the steam update servers failed. Because of that it is not possible to update any game and so it is not possible to play any game.
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Use cyberghost VPN for downloading/updating

To solve this problem I tried several things. The first thing was to check the settings of the modem but there was no option for port forwarding or disabling proxy settings. So I checked the steam forums for ‘steam update T-Mobile’, ‘steam T-Mobile’ etc. and found several threads describing a similar problem / exact problem.
On the first attempt I reinstalled steam but the client still said ‘no connection to the update server’.
On the second attempt I changed the client download location to different location (US, China etc.) but still ‘no connection to the update server’.
After working through all posts in the different threads I found the essential posts:
‘You have to change the modem setting to no proxy’
‘The no proxy setting is not possible on the Huawei B593 - so I just downloaded cyberghostvpn and use it just for updating/downloading games. Disable the vpn if you play the games’.
This post saved the day and since then my friend can update his games again.