Plex Server Profile for specific devices

Plex automatically detects the TV and sends according to the specifications the right format and data to the TV. Mostly this works without problems, but in my case some TVs showed black bars when watching a movie or a show. When searching on the web you only find that you have to change the settings of the TV. Sometimes this leads to a good compromise but in other cases the picture only gets distorted when changing the settings.
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Custom DLNA Profile for Plex Server

The problem about black bars or other things when using Plex are DLNA profiles which are stored in Plex itself and used for all devices. Most items work without a problem but sometimes a device is not included in the main profiles and then a problem with the audio or video can occur. The solution is to customize the profiles and add specific ones for the used devises. In the profiles you have to specify the names, settings, codecs and so on for every device which is not working. A very good manual for that can be found under . After specifying the devices and creating the profiles you can use them normally. The right profiles are picked automatically. One last hint, when you do not know which settings to pick you can have a look at Devices from the same manufacturer and try out a few settings from related devices.