Scanning a document with HP scanner when scanner function does not work.

On HP printers (e.g. Photosmart 5520) that are connected through a network wirelessly it can happen that the printers scan function misbehaves. In this case the "Scan to PC" function will not find a computer, even though one is connected to the router the printer/scanner itself is connected to. How can the user still scan without hoping a network/PC/scanner restart will somehow magically fix the problem?
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Using manufacturer software

This problem is worked around by using the seldom used HP-provided software "HP scan".
This software needs to be installed manually on every single PC this problem occurs.
Since it is bunched in with other software that doesn't see much use and it is a hassle to use (e.g. it doesn't always automatically choose to save the whole document, but one needs to choose the area of the scan that is saved manually) I wager it's an oft overlooked program.