Show multiple independent taskbars with multi-monitor setup in Windows

Do you have more that one montior for the same computer? Did you ever not immediately find a window in the taskbar or is your taskbar cluttered? Windows' own functions do not provide enough options to customize taskbars. What you would ideally want is a solution that made a taskbar on each monitor that was independent from the taskbars on the other screens.
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Install Displayfusion

Displayfusion is a commercial end-user solution for all problems that arise on the desktop through the use of multiple monitors.

It can be downloaded here:

They offer a free version with 30 Pro trial and the Pro version itself which offers control over taskbars as well as automatic window arrangement or wallpaper management.

My own quality of life was improved by this, since working with 3 monitors can clutter your taskbar to be unrecognizable.