File Sharing in Windows XP

<p>I want to allow a friend to access my PC to enable data exchange. What can I do?</p>
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opera unite

if you use the opera browser (newest version), you could also use opera unite, which is a browser with added web server capabilities t through an extensible plug in model. opera unite allows for several services to be hosted from the user's computer, including a web server for sharing files.


Share File in Windows XP over Network

To make it possible, you must first open the folder's properties (ger. Eigenschaften). Here you open the slide (ger. Reiter) Sharing (ger. Freigabe) and click the radio button "Share this folder" (ger. Diesen Ordner Freigeben). The next step is to give permissions. If you don't give permissions the user can see the shared file but cannot open it. So you click the slide Securities (ger. Sicherheit) and click the button add (ger. Hinzufügen). In the text field you give the IP adress of the user, who should have access. Eventually you can give the user e.g. admin rights and click OK. Now the system should have access to the folder which is in your PC.