.exe at Mac

Although the tremendous evolution of the new technologies, the differences and incompatibilities between Windows and iOS have remained during the years. This fact has caused many problems for Apple users in their daily life, and they may have stopped someone's work or plans just because it is impossible to open a particular file. This is why I state this problem. As a user of an Apple product, I have suffered this type of problem more than once. It is a very common situation that easily annoys whoever is using a Mac. The specific problem is the impossibility of opening an executable file (.exe) created in Windows with a different OS. However, this problem can affect Windows’ users as well, as it may happen that a file created in iOS is not compatible with Windows.
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Virtual Machine

One possible solution to this problem could be a Virtual Machine (VM). This program permits the user to have the same experience as if he had a determined OS. In other words, if I have an Apple laptop and I need to open a file that is only compatible with Windows, using a virtual machine would be like having "Windows" inside my computer, so I would be able to open that file.