Integration of email accounts

We live in a digital world where technology occupies an important role in our daily lives. Because of the technology improvements, we use emails as one of our main communication media. Emails are nowadays a fast and easy way of communication with people all over the world, being used for both personal and professional matters. This is why it is really common to have more than one email account. It is a real issue that, when you have different email accounts, it takes a lot of time to check on every of your inboxes. Moreover, it is a fact that we usually check our emails from our mobile phones. From our mobile phones it takes even more time to check our inbox, and our phone would be full of different apps to check the different email accounts. Because of time efficiency and easy access to emails, a solution to this issue is required. This solution would facilitate the usual tasks that people do every day related to their emails, as well as the possibility of receiving joined notifications for the new emails received.
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Use of email tools like Gmail

In order to solve this problem we can use email tools like Gmail, that bring a lot of possibilities for checking our emails. We can integrate different email accounts in the same app, being able to both receive and send emails from this account, Also, we can add filters and tags to our emails, in order to classify our emails and find them more easily.