Video call from mobile phones

Nowadays communication has been improved enormously thanks to digital technologies. We use our mobile phones every day, and they let us communicate with people all over the world instantly. Some years ago the most improved way of communication was held by phone call. However, now we can do video calls thanks to the possibilities that the Internet brings. The most known program to do video calls is Skype. However, if we want to do a video call from our phones, we might have to install the app on our phones. This occupies space, and it is a possibility that we don't have any more space in our phone to install any other app. In case that this happens, we should find a solution to be able to do a video call without occupying any more space in our storage.
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Use of video call tools from the browser

If we can't install any other app on our phone, a possible solution for doing video calls from our mobile phone would be to use video call tools from the browser, like or webRTC. This way we won't occupy any space in our phone's storage, and we would have all the features that are available in Skype or any other video conference app.