Display of videos of huge size with people not present in the same room

In our technological world it is really common to do a lot of videos recording different moments of our lives and experiences and to share them with the people around us. Also, we live in a world where videos go viral every day and we like to share them with our friends and family. However, videos tend to occupy a lot of space in our hard drives and it turns out to be a difficult task to send them or upload them to any online platform. It is easy to display them to our friend if they are next to us and they can look at our computer screen, but what happens if we want to show them a video and they are not next to us to see it? This is why it is really interesting to find a solution to display videos stored in our computer with people who are in different locations.
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Display the video on streaming

A possible solution to the problem would be to display the video on streaming so the other person can watch it from their computer. This is possible with programs like VLC media player, that allow you to broadcast the video from your computer and to send the url to the person you want to share the video with. They would then put the url in their VLC media player and watch the video while it's been broadcast.