Easy access to MySQL data on shared hosting service

<p>MySQL databases are often the main data-source of web applications when it comes to shared hosting services with very limited possibilites (no system service support, no scheduling, no in-memory database, ...). Often, management or visualization of such databases is not easily done, since no admin utility is installed, no remote connections to the database are allowed, and access by the sql binary (via SSH) is not user-friendly. A better way to manage databases visually in such cases is the challenge.</p>
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Access to MySQL by third party administration tool

The solution to "Eays access to MySQL data on shared hosting service" is the following, and has already performed and tested at a shared hosting service:

  • The third party tool "PhpMyAdmin" is copied into a separate folder on the shared hosting service.
  • The tool is either password protected, or (if folder listing is disabled) located at a hidden url, e.g. a long passphrase added to the usual "phpMyAdmin" address string.
  • MySQL manipulations can be done directly in phpMyAdmin.