Web application and HTML versions

I had a 7-month group project with my home university in France in cooperation with a company: “Zodiac Aerospace”. The company is producing oxygen masks for pilots and their problem was that they were not able to follow the progression products and orders in the factory. Thus, the company needed a web platform in internal to follow the progress of producing a product in real time to be able to perceive the origin of production delays if there are any. To deal with the internal problem, products were scanned and then the bar code had to be saved. A problem we faced was that the employees loose too many time by selecting the text-box and then scanning the bar code. Thus, we tried to find a solution. The solution was to set focus on the text-box automatically. We find a function called “autofocus” but it was returning an error when we apply it. We discovered that this function was only compatible with HTML 5.0 and not HTML 4.01. Thus, we downloaded the latest version and applied the function: “<input autofocus>”.


I wonder if a Javascript approach using the focus() Method was relevant too, as it seems simple and straight forward as well without having to update versions. That being said, you updated successfully and used the standard solution for this problem I think. So the solution is technically the best one in my eyes.
Klaus Nigsch - Sun, 11/25/2018 - 12:22 :::
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