How to be mobile with transport's schedules and purchasing transport tickets around the city Vienna using iPhone?

<p>The iPhone makes everything in life better and easier. Transport schedules and buying tickets through it are no exceptions. Just installing a right application to your mobile phone makes it happen and lets you feel like a local person no matter where you go in the City of Vienna.</p>
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When, how and where ..... in you iPhone

Since iPhone is going to be one of the leaders on the market of Smartphones, thousands of applications are appearing every day on AppStore. Qando, InfoSystem from Wiener Linien and VOR, is one of the them, which helps people to manage their time in better way. With Qando - your tram, bus or underground never pass you. It finds a best route, never let you wait for while and brings your life to the REAL TIME. You can install Qando via webpage, direct in your mobile phone or using iTunes from AppStore. It is not only transport schedule and purchasing tickets, Qando gives you tips on sightseeing, theatre, cinema, concerts and parties. Change you life just installing right Application :).