How to change the MAC address

<p><p>Once I tried to change my PC<span style="mso-bidi-language: AR-SY;">`s </span>Mac address (I had internet access account according to a specific IP address and the MAC address)&nbsp;I tried to use another PC with the same account information but I couldn&rsquo;t because of the Mac address, I had all the account information except the Mac address...</p></p>
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Change MAC address under XP

Windows XP adds an option to change the MAC address on some network cards under the Advanced tab in the network adapter's Properties menu.A much easier and more reliable method to change a MAC address under Windows is to use a software utility program designed to do this for you.Macshift is a free utility that you can use to spoof your MAC address under Microsoft Windows.

Change the MAC address

To solve the challenge you can :

  • Use a software utility program which is designed to do this (I used SMAC 2.0) and there is also Macshift.
  • Also windows XP adds an option to change the MAC address from the advanced tab in the network properties menu (network properties –> network adapter configure –> advanced)