Making the TISS - calendar useful

I would like to incorporate the calendar provided by the Information Systems and Services (TISS) in my private calendar. However, many lectures which are not relevant for me are included in the online calendar, making it unusable for me. Furthermore, a guide on how to import the calendar in my private calendar (e.g. Google calendars) would be helpful.
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By default, all appointments of lectures newly added to the course cockpit are displayed in the TISS calendar. When adding lectures to your course cockpit, you cannot choose individual courses which should be included in your TISS calendar. However, there exists a workaround to make the calendar useful and get rid of undesired course appointments.

By grouping lectures in categories, one can select which category and its included courses should be displayed in the calendar. For example, a 2020WS category could be created, which includes all courses a student attends during the 2020WS term. This is done by clicking the Add category button at the bottom of your course cockpit. By clicking the pencil symbol beside a category and selecting display dates on the subsequent page, courses marked to be included in your TISS calendar. Courses which should not be displayed in the calendar can be grouped in one or more other categories, in which this property is deselected.

In order to import the calendar in the Google calendar app, the personal token of the TISS calendar is used. This can be found at the bottom of the TISS calendar page besides the Download button and should be copied to the clipboard of your system. To add it to your private Google calendar, the browser Google calendar application ( is used. After opening this page, click the plus-sign alongside “Other calendars” in the left area of the screen. In the opened dropdown menu, select From URL. On the subsequent page, paste the TISS calendar token, which has been copied to your clipboard before, in the URL from calendar field and click Add calendar.

Using this method, your personalized TISS calendar, which only contains appointments of courses that are relevant for you, should be visible in your private Google calendar.