Creating custom content from various website

Sometimes we want to organize the information from several different website so that it become easier for us. For example: compare the price of a product from many different on line shops, browse pictures from many different websites, read news from many different news website, and so on.
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Using dapper to create our own content

To create a custom content from various website, we can use dapper from
1. click create a new Dapp
2. enter one of the url from the website that you want in the box, click "Next Step"
3. once the page is loaded, do anything you want (for example: enter the keyword in the search criteria). After the webpage show information that you want, click "Add to Basket".
4. Enter a new url, and do the same thing with point 3, click "Add to Basket". Your Dapp will work better with 2 or more sample url
5. Click "Next Step"
6. Select the content that you want to be displayed in you custom content. For example: select the name of thet product, detail information, and the price in the online shop or select the header of the news, the pictures, and the news in the news website. Give a name for each content.
7. You can also group the content if you want.
8. Preview the result. You can also go back to the previous step if you want.
9. Save you dapp.
10. Finish. Save the url that Dapper give you. You can also visit your custom content with that link/url.