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The prominent foto and video sharing website hosts billions of photos. For me, it is a fascinating and simple way of getting inspiration in a very visual way. I thereby use tags for searching, e.g. „holiday austria“, scan through the individual search results and mark those pictures as favorites which I really like. This way, I selected over 2200 fotos as beeing favorites to me. The process of marking those favorites consists of a single action, a click on the little star icon, located over the top left of each foto in the individual foto view. Being best practive with web services, flickr provides nice URLs for its users (e.g. and it also provides nice URLs for a users favorites (e.g. but since flickr is an online service, photos marked as favorites remain at the accounts of their respective owners and are only „embedded“ to the selecting user. There are quite a few use cases where you want to export (in my case, exporting is equivalent to downloading, without special treatment of eventually available metadata) several or all of those favorites. You may want to create a beautiful screensaver, make prints of those fotos, etc. To my knowledge, flickr doesn‘t provide an easy way to achieve this on their website. I put a lot of effort into my collection of favorites, regularly use them for brainstorming and inspiration and I simply want an offline backup.
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Use FlickrFaves to backup your flickr favorites

Despite the availability of a large number of tools based on the flickr photo sharing site, the only convenient tool I found for downloading all your flickr favorites is FlickrFaves (see attached screenshot). It's a small tool written in Java, which uses flickrj (a java-based wrapper library for the REST-based flickr API) for the single purpose of downloading someones flickr favorites. Furthermore, it's GPL licensed open source software and provides an interesting entry into the world of the flickr API.

It's use is completely straight forward: 1.) Start FlickrFaves 2.) Authorize the program with flickr 3.) Set the parameters 4.) Download your favorites.

Please note that FlickrFaves doesn't take care about any metadata. The downloaded photos will have cryptic filenames and won't have any information about the tags it was assigned to on flickr.