easy to use backup tool for linux

Create an incremental backup of a debian-linux server with an easy to use tool. The backup-server is reachable via ftp and sftp. The backup should be encrypted and compressed to be space and bandwidth efficient. There should be an easy way to either restore parts of the backup or the full system after a failure.
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Incremental backups with duplicity under Debian Linux

Duplicity is a command-line utility that creates incremental backups from linux file systems.

Duplicity uses standard GNU-tar archives. The data inside is encrypted and signed using GnuPG. This guarantees, that no information can be read at the backup site, as well as every modification of the data at the remote site will be detected when restoring.

Duplicity can store the backup files local or remote and supports multiple protocols to transfer the data (scp, ssh, ftp, rsync, Amazon S3, ...)

The same thing - backing up and restoring - can be accomplished by using separate standard tools (rdiff, tar, gnupg, sftp), but duplicity is much easier to use and has an easy to remember syntax.