Post the code on internet

You have a big project and you are in a team with others. You need a secure host where you can post your work and share it with the others members. We are talking about small projects, not those from the big companies.
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Exchanging code over Internet

I dont know exactly what you mean by "secure" host, but and

offer both good platforms for cvs or svn repository, bug tracking and other stuff. If you interpret secure as non-public, assembla offers private password protected repositorys. I'm not sure if sourceforge supports this as well.

For quick exchange of small code pieces is a good ressource.


TortoiseSVN Best Tool or Utility for Developers.

TortoiseSVN won the 2007 Community Choice Award for Best Tool or Utility for Developers.
I don't think I stated really good the problem. What I was referring was a solution to share the same project. For Windows this is a good tool, user friendly and very easy to use.
For those interested here you can find step by step installation and using.