Personalized search engine

<p>In general, the system will work as a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. However, the returned results (e.g web pages) will be ranked based on the interests of the user. The pages which are most related to user's interest are ranked with higher number and will appear on the top most. This function will helps to avoid ambiguous results when people do a search on the internet. </br> For example: Once a user/person put the key word "apple" on the search engine. Apple can be a name of the company, but it could be a kind of plant. If the user is interested in plant or in agriculture then the web paga related to plant apple will be returned in the top most. If the user is interested in Apple's products such as Iphone, Ipod then web pages related to apple company will be returned in the top most. <p> <strong>Input of the system </strong>: key words ; Example: jaguar, apple,... </br> <strong>Out put of the system </strong>: pages ranked based on the interest of users. </br> <strong>System requirement</strong>: web based application. </br>
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Using YahooBoss API and Rocchio-based method.

Methodology: We provide a web interface that can “remember” the links clicked by user. The search engine will extract information from snippets associated with clicked links to know what user is interested in. These user’s interests are then used in re-ranking Rocchio-based methods to order the result for the next queries of user. The raw results can be retrieved using YahooBOSS API. By this way, our search engine could avoid the ambiguity.

For example, supposed that a user quite often click on links that related to music. The user now makes a query “Yamaha”, which could be music instruments, motorbike, or company’s name. Our search engine will definitely return results related to music with higher priority than those related to car or company’s name. The search engine does it by firstly getting the snippet results from yahoo, and then re-ranks the result.

System specification:

The database system: MySQL
Web server: Apache
Web client: Firefox, IE, Chrome.

System architecture:
The main components of our peronalized search engine are depicted as in the attachment figure.