Student Teacher supporting system

The system is a hybrid between a forum and an E-Learning system. It provide a dedicated solution to help teachers and students get involve in course better. Taking functions from a forum software, It provide abilities for users communicate with each others. Other than that, It also help teachers and students to organize courses. In principle, the system must address at least the following functions: </br> -Manage students by courses: Teachers can see students who participate on their courses and contact both privately and public with them. </br>-Manage courses by teachers: Teachers can manage courses they are responsible for, and manage information related to that courses such as: star date, end date, time table, related material,... </br>-Manage courses by students: Students should be able to register to course, send message to lecturers and other students, create a group. <strong> System architecture requirement:</strong> </br>Web application. </br> Can handle at least 30000 users.
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Forum-based application.

The solution is mainly based on the architecture of a forum. The main steps are as follows:

-Create database schema which includes tables: teacher; student; course; message; topic; timetable; room; module; These tables are connected through ID. For example, teacher table will connect to course table through course ID. The same things hold for other tables.

-Use HTML and JAVA Script to create web interface: assign each page to suitable view: student view, teacher view, courses view... This interface must provide user ability to handle correspond function of the system.

-Use JSP or Java Servlet to connect to database and make query, get information.

System specification
-Using MySQL database system.
-Apache for Web server
-Web client: Firefox, Chrome, IE.