Hiding mail-adress on a website

Nowadays it is often necessary to show the e-mail-adress an a homepage. Customers should see it, but there exist programs to find out mail-adresses from web-sites to use them for spam. How can I hide my e-mail-adress from spam-bots as long as it is visible on homepages?
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Hiding mail-adress on a website alternatives

Further solution approaches can be found here --> http://www.build-your-website.co.uk/Hide-Email-Address.htm

* Using redundant text
* Using JavaScript
* Using JavaScript and Encryption
* Using a Web Form- Recommended First Choice
* Use A Graphic Recommended if you want in logo/header graphic


Using <span>-tag to hide e-mail-adress

(mail-adress: test@homepage.at)

A trick to hide the e-mail-adress from spam-bots is to use the span-tag in html. Spam-bots search the code for mail-adresses. The span-tag allows us to type the mail-adress in the wring order (from right to left), so the searching software for spam cannot find it automatically and use it for spam-mails.
The direction statement makes it possible to show the mail-adress from right to left (rtl), so that customers of the homepage can view it originally.