How to manage Search Engine List in Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox provides search tab which is convenience for searching. By the way, you may want to change search engine that you are familiar with. For example, you may want to change from google to yahoo and vice versa. Moreover, sometimes google search point to regional google of the location where you are.You may want to change to the language that you prefer. How to solve this problem?
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Manage Search Engines List in Mozilla Firefox

There is the button next to the Search Tab in Firefox that you can manage the Search Engines List. You can simply choose which search engine you want to be your default search engine. Moreover. You can also remove or get more search engines that are not in the list by clicking "Manage Search Engines List" then click "Get more search engines..". The Add-ons page will appear and you can choose and add as much as you want.

For google search, it will go to regional google of the location where you are. If you want to change to English version, just simply go to google page and click " in English". Then, the next time you go to search, the English page will be shown.