How to setup a Canoo Webtest Environment

I am working as part time softwaretester in a software development company. In the last months the main part of my work was testing the same testcases over and over again. All startet with a few testcases for a relatively small frontend. But as time goes by, the software developed and the functionality grew...and so grew the frontend of the application and the complexety of the testcases. At the beginning i only had about 30 testcases which covered the overall functionality of the application. Now i have to test about 100 testcases in the same time. So some solution had to be found. The great thing of the application i have to test is, that most of the navigation and layout stays the same, even when new functionality is implemented. That makes an automatic regression very easy. My goal was now to find a free, easy to understand, easy to install and easy to use test tool which fits my requirements. I chose "Canoo Webtests". It's an XML based test tool, which is really great. It produces very good testreports, it generates screenshots during the automated testing and it is relatively easy to install. Because its XML based the testcases are very easy to implement, and persons who are not so familiar with programming can understand and implement the testcases very easy.
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Steps how to setup a Canoo Webtest Environment

Step 1: Download
You need to download several things to get Canoo started.

a) Download Canoo from
b) Download at least JDK 5
c) Download at least Ant 1.7.0

Step 2: Configure your System-Path
You have to add each of the programs above to your system-path.
E.g. for Canoo its necessary to add the bin/ directory to your system-path, e.g. for Windows "C:\Programme\Canoo\bin";%PATH%

Finished ;)
It's that easy.

For working with Canoo you can either use the built-in test-project or you simply generate your own Project folder with your test-cases in it.