Secure online file transfer

An organisation is build up as follows: one headquater, whiche is technically well equipped and 6 to 8 sub-offices spread all over Austria, each with one or two personal computers. The headquater has a server which is regularly serviced and backed. On this server are all datafiles required. All sub-offices but no third party should have access to this data bases.


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MPLS (multiprotocol lable switching)

VPN (virtuell private network) with MPLS (multiprotocol lable switching). MPLS is a data-carrying mechanism in telecommunication networks that transfers data from one station (network node) to another. Instead of using long network addresses, short path lables are used. The labels identify virtual links between the stations. The main benefit of this mechanism is to avoid dependence on a particular data link layer technology. It can be used to carry many different kinds of traffic.
MPLS can be ordered from any provider.