How to use LAN services over the Internet ?

Local Networks have many advantages when it comes to more complicated services like file sharing, remote desktop, network printer usage or NAS. Of course, I could use web space like DropBox, and there might be many other ways to make LAN services available over the internet. But what I am searching for, is an all built-in solution which is secure and easy to use. I want be able to connect several clients together for my LAN services. Not at least, LAN-Party’s without all the disadvantages due do local management and mobility are one of my expectations.
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Solution: How to use LAN services over the Internet ?

Another option to easily create a Virtual Private Network is to use tunngle (

Tunngle is specifically designed for network video game support, however, it has many other features:
- network chat
- encrypted traffic
- dynamic IPs
- messenger with buddy list
- network browser with search
- encrypted file transfers

How to make a virtual LAN with Hamachi !

First of all, you have to download the Hamachi Client from the following link: . For that, you just have to register. The free version of Hamachi is for private use up to 16 clients only.
During the installation, Hamachi creates it’s own network adapter, which you should allow on your firewall. Once Hamachi installed, you can create a new virtual LAN only by entering an Network-ID and a Password. Give those information, to people who should join your virtual LAN. You can now use all your
Default, the clients are connected as a mesh network, but via the “LogMeIn” Homepage, you can also create “Hub-and-Spoke” and “Gateway Access networks”. The connection between the VLAN clients is made by an mediation server from the provider who creates tunnels in the IP range between the peers. The data flow between clients is peer-to-peer and 256-bit SSL encrypted.