Firefox uses profiles to manage personal data like logins. In order to create profiles besides the default one you can use the Profile Manager by opening "about:profiles" in the address bar. If you often find yourself switching between different profiles you might find the plugin Firefox Multi-Account Containers useful. It allows to color code tabs belonging to a profile to help telling them apart.

Chromium and Google Chrome also allow to use multiple profile in the same browser instance. A straightforward way to make use of that is the plugin SessionBox.

Differences between browsers, such as the window.event that does not work in Firefox

While the window.event was correctly evaluated on Chrome and IE, Firefox gave the error "ReferenceError:Event is not defined".

On Mozilla Firefox, you can also do this by opening the menu to the right(three dots on top of each other) and checking "request desktop site". Requesting desktop is particularly useful for youtube videos of songs, because this way, you can lock your mobile device and still listen to the song, which is not possible through the youtube app.


First a Script Manager has to be downloaded. Since I am using Firefox, I have installed Greasemonkey.
Than I needed to subscribe to an Anti-Adblock Killer list and install a UserScript. This prevents the detection of the ad blocker by the browser and allows it for the user to see the web site content, although the add blocker is still activated.

Adblocker blocks Webpage content

More and more websites are asking (or sometimes requiring) visitors to turn off ad blockers before allowing them to view the site's contents. It's sometimes possible to prevent sites from detecting the usage of an ad blocker (e.g. turn off JavaScript). But doing so can cause parts of the site to stop working. I want to get to the site's content without having to turn off the Adblocker.

Use selenium

If the domain of the web application is big enough, it make sense to test the web-application automatically e.g. you can use selenium.
Firefox Plugin: Easy to install, selenium is available as Firefox plugin
Easy to use: Record your test-cases and play the recorded user interactions again
Export to Java: The recorded test-case can be exported to java for using it in a junit test case.


It is easy

After you download and install Firefox on your Mac you may see the error message, "" can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed when you try to open it.

Apple has made a security change to Mac OS X 10.9.5 which may cause this error and block you from using Firefox. Here are some steps you can take if this happens:

1. Hold down the Control key while clicking on the Firefox icon in the Dock or on the Firefox application file in a Finder window.
2. Click Open in the context menu.
3. Click Open in the following dialog window.


Firefox can not be open after you install it on MaC

After you download and install Firefox on your Mac you may see the error message, "" . What to do ?

Use Gestures to speed up web browsing on a PC

Some browsers e.g. Firefox and Chrome have extensions that support the use of gestures. These can be triggered with the right mouse key and are visualized with a tracking line.

The simplest but also most effective use is swipping left for go back one page, and swipping right for go forward one page. Swipping up and down can trigger Page down and Page up respectively. Now scrolling feels similiar like on a Tablet, of course not so smooth but way faster than with mouse scrolling. You can switch between the tabs with Up+Left or Right respectively. Tabs can be fast closed with Down+Left. Create a new tab with Right+Up.

You can build any gestures you want for a lot of supported functionality. You don't have to go the tabbar or menu and back anymore and this will speed up browsing for sure.

Java applets don't work on Mac OS X

All webpages that use Java applets show a "Missing Plug-in" error message. Safari & Firefox both don't work.


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