Using visual studio code for windows is not recommended best thing is to use another code editor.

I think you misunderstood the problem. There are multiple independent docker instances, but all have to listen on port 80 on the same machine at the same time.

By default Adblock does not block all pop ups, but you can extend the blacklist by adding additional filters e.g. Fanboy's annoyances filter list:

  1. Click the AdBlock button in your browser toolbar and select Options.
  2. On the FILTER LISTS tab, select the check box next to the Fanboy's Annoyances filter list.

Pop ups are not always bad. Some online banking websites and other legitimite web sites still use pop ups and therefore it is not a very good idea to block all pop ups. Instead a possible solution is to use adblock like suggested before.


On Mozilla Firefox, you can also do this by opening the menu to the right(three dots on top of each other) and checking "request desktop site". Requesting desktop is particularly useful for youtube videos of songs, because this way, you can lock your mobile device and still listen to the song, which is not possible through the youtube app.


Serving multiple websites on a single host with Docker is against the principles of Docker and micro service architecture. Sure you can do it but what is blocking you from separating it into multiple docker instances. That way, if there is a problem not all of the sites go down. By separating the hosts, you make it easier the diagnose possible problems and minimize down time.

Adblocks don't fully block facebook ads. To block unecessary facebook clutter, I suggest FB purity. It enables to customize facebook and remove facebook ads.


For Safari (macOS High Sierra):
1. When on website make a right-click the URL area and select option "Settings for This Website"
2. In appeared dialog box hover the cursor to "Auto-Play"
3. In menu choose preferable option: "Allow All Auto-Play", "Stop Media with Sound", "Never Auto-Play".

In case you are using Safari on iOS (version 9 and above):
1. Open web-page
2. Tap Share button (arrow in a box, located in the middle below)
3. Choose option "Request Desktop Site"


Thanks for sharing! One more useful feature this tool provides is detailed branching diagrams. It helps to understand the progress of the team faster. Might be helpful for beginners to learn the branching idea of git as well.



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