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Are you trying to install the modules as an administrator? They should have the rights to do so.


You mention it is Sunday, so this must be a home network. 10 devices would place some significant load on it. Apart from trying to disconnect some of them, you can also try to change the WiFi's channel to improve performance. There are apps like WiFi analyzer (Android) for that.


Looks like typical multithreading problem whereas some threads are humans ;)


The solution was to connect an actual android device, or to use a laptop or pc with more calculation capacities.


The solution to this problems depends on the browser you are using but for example in chrome would be :
1.Go to “chrome://flags” in the URL bar and hit Return/Enter
2.In the search box at the top, type in “autoplay”
3.Look for “Autoplay policy” and pull down the submenu, then choose “Document user activation is required”
4.Relaunch Chrome for the setting to take effect

In any other browser, the steps to follow are the ones Alma Cusevic suggests. In case of using chrome, I recommend downloading Tampermonkey (Script manager). Nevertheless there are plenty of alternative managers.

Another tool which you could use is GitHub Desktop. The application has a better user experience and user interface over SourceTree. The layout of the GitHub Desktop application is simple and straightforward with an uncluttered interface, making it perfect for the beginner, though still including more powerful options for the advanced developer.

It is worth to doublecheck BIOS settings as well as upgrade BIOS as Win10 may require to have it updated.

Make use of a time-based scheduler Cron, which is available on Debian (as well as on other Unix-like operating systems). Quartz offers a seamless integration with Java applications. Scheduling a particular script (e.g. restarting server) can be easily done using Cron expressions in form of a string consisting of five or six fields (separated by white space), which are respectively responsible for: minutes, hours, day of month, month, day of week, year.

1) Implement a procedure to restart server (e.g. integrated in Java application or through system script).
2) Make use of Quartz to provide Cron functionality to Java application, in particular to make use of Cron expressions.
3) Provide an option for (privileged/administrator) users to manage Cron expression string for restarting server in web interface.
4) Explain in a short summary the principle of functioning of Cron expressions, providing examples of the most common usages.

If you have installed the mobile version of Chrome on your device with Android or iOS, you can enter the web in question and ask to see the desktop version from the browser menu. To do so, on either device, open Google Chrome and the page you want to visit. Once there press on the menu (on iOS there are three horizontal lines on top of each other and on Android they are three points, both are on the right corner) and look for the option "See as on a computer" that you can mark to that stays permanently and applies to each website you visit




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