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I have been in similiar situations really often during my Bachelors (always fighting with different software plaftorms for sharing code - at the beginning of Bachelors, though - as we were not so advanced).
I was (like every other student) then introduced with the GIT and this is the thing that I would highly recommend!
If you, however, happen to have some merging problems, then just try using one of the following commands:
git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/master

Good luck!

I'm not sure if it works the same way in SourceTree but in Git, you can create a merge request when you commit new content, and assign someone to resolve any conflicts. It might also be better if the same person is responsible to deal with merge requests (since it is a small project) to avoid confusion and unauthorized merges.


Hi, an interesting solution! However I would like to know if there was any reason for you not to use GiT from beginning on? There are numerous solutions already in Internet concerning exactly these issues.


You can also remove files from the repository based on your .gitignore without deleting them from the local file system :

git rm --cached `git ls-files -i -X .gitignore`
Or, alternatively, on Windows Powershell:

git rm --cached $(git ls-files -i -X .gitignore)


Usually many code editors today are using a git plugin that you can use. Try to find if there is an intergrated Git versioning system in your code editor. Personally would reccoment for Mac using the Visual Studio Code which has git integrated

A method to mock a new instance in the class is using the powermockito. Powermockito has a function whenNew. This one can be used to solve this kind of problem.

On Windows use Visual Studio Community Edition. It is free and you get much more features than in Visual Studio Code.


Using visual studio code for windows is not recommended best thing is to use another code editor.

Thanks for sharing! One more useful feature this tool provides is detailed branching diagrams. It helps to understand the progress of the team faster. Might be helpful for beginners to learn the branching idea of git as well.


One such tool is SourceTree, a free Git client for Windows or Mac. It provides an nice visual interface between you and Git, no more command line!


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