JavaScript vs TypeScript

I have previously done web-based stuff with JavaScript before, after hearing about TypeScript I have thought that I will test that instead. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using TypeScript instead of JavaScript? In other words, is TypeScript really worth it?

Setting the audio tag to autoplay and stopping it in the code when it starts to play you can manipulate the sound, this is a hack but a necessary one.


Using Html/Javascript you can only select files using the file upload html component (I think Flash / Silverlight wrap this to make things easier but its still sandboxed)
You can however use Java Applets (orwhatever they are called these days), Native ActiveX controls or .Net Controls to provide additional functionality (this hase security implications and required VM/Runtimes Frameworks etc)
Adobe Air or other client side technology might work, but looks like you want to do this in JavaScript. In this case, uploading the file to the server and manipulating from there is the best bet.


Load an image using Html/Javascript

Is it possible (using JavaScript) to load an image stored on the client machine into the browser / browser memory for editing, without uploading the image to a remote server?

User interaction needed to play an audio HTML element in iOS WebView

To be able to play an audio HTML element in iOS, user interaction is required. No event listeners will be called (loadeddata, canplay) untill then.
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