Web archiving

One of the possible solutions would be to retrieve the available photo previews into a temporary local folder (keep in mind possible privacy issues), similarly as web browsers require to store web content locally to display it. Wget is a powerful yet simple tool to download content from web servers, supporting pattern matching of files being retrieved.

1) Determine the (potential) URL of the photos from the event of interest on FinisherPix (e.g. the Vienna City Marathon 2017 is apparently an event with the ID 1700, and photos being stored in the form https://fp-zoom-eu.s3.amazonaws.com/1700/1700_000064.JPG ).

2) Construct web content (resource) pattern for Wget (e.g. https://fp-zoom-eu.s3.amazonaws.com/1700/1700_*.JPG).

3) Download multiple available photos for the event of interest to a local preview all at once using Wget (e.g. by executing the command of the type wget -r -l1 -np "https://fp-zoom-eu.s3.amazonaws.com/1700" -P /tmp -A "1700_*.JPG").

Again, be aware of the possible privacy implications resulting from such workaround.

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