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Latex - change section indexes

While using latex for a university project I came across the problem that the indexing of the latex sections did not match the section indexing from the task specification. The default section indexing in my latex editor goes as follows: \section returns 1, \subsection returns 1.1, \subsubsection returns 1.1.1. However, I needed the \subsubsection to result in an alphabetical indexing. So, the solution that I found was changing the subsubsection definition using the following statement: \renewcommand\thesubsubsection{\alph{subsubsection})} It is important to notice that latex would use this indexing for the rest of the document if not specified otherwise.

BiBTeX not showing references entries in the latex document

While working on my bachelor thesis I came across the challenge of having to reference all papers I used as references. For this, I used BibTex as it was a requirement. I had completed the whole BibTeX file and added a reference section in my latex document. However, I did not see a single entry in the reference section. I used to think that the problem was in the BibTeX file and tried changing all parameters, but nothing seemed to help. The actual problem was that I still had not cited any of the papers in my document. Only after adding a citation the paper references will be shown in the references section.

LaTex - adding list of tables to table of contents

 The “List of figures”-table must appear also in the table of contents, and the page numbering should be with roman letters. Solution: "List of Figures" must be a separate section or chapter for it to appear in table of contents. 1. Set the page numbering to roman i.e. \pagenumbering{roman} 2. Create new section i.e.: \section*{} 3. Add manually the "List of Figures" to table of contents i.e.: \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{List of Figures} 4. Create the table for list of figures i.e.: \listoffigures 5. List of tables should appear in new page alone, for this insert: \pagebreak 6. The numbering must be set to normal numbers, Arabic numbers, i.e.: \pagenumbering{arabic} 7. At last set the counter for page numbering \setcounter{page}{1}
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