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Develop a VBA program and protect it

A company received daily data regarding the testing of a production machine. In order to prevent sudden failures, this data is analysed continually to see if there are any deviations but the task takes a lot of time and no human resources are available. I developed a Visual Basic program that extracted data from another software, SAP, and did some calculations on it: analysis of the normal distribution, conformity of characteristics of the machine, difference between the mean value retrieved and the aim value…Afterwards the program would update graphics that sum up the analysis done before and all of this by just opening the excel file and clicking on a virtual button. One problem that always occurred is people mistakenly modifying the program or the Excel file that comes with it, so a solution was to put a lock on both of them so the program wouldn’t be accessible unless the person was authorised to do so and the graphics and tables on the excel that shouldn’t be modified were also locked by using the protection tool on Excel, in the Revision field.
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