Operating systems

Are you trying to install the modules as an administrator? They should have the rights to do so.


Find the tech stact on the stackshare.io. For example https://stackshare.io/instagram/instagram
And most necessairly one needs to get to know the techs to make use of them.

The port is occupied by another application already, thus WAMP cannot start. Run netstat -a -b to identify all processes with network connections, find those, listening on port 80 and 8080 (Skype, etc). Terminate those processes. Restart WAMP, all Servers should start now correctly. The other processes can be started again (Skype in particular will default to another port as the WAMP ports are now taken).



There are certain addons for almost all common web browsers to ignore these CORS-errors and allow those requests even if there is no security header present. For testing purposes in my projects I’m using the “Moesif Origin & CORS Changer” addon, which is available in the Chrome addon store. It either allows to deactivate CORS-checks as a whole or on specific web pages (e.g. localhost).

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